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Apple & Amazon Products



Traffic To Your Site:


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Ques. How does this compare to other Amazon plugins?
Ans. I’ve been inspired by other Amazon plugins before (especially AAA by Hitesh and Robert). However, all Amazon plugins just stop at getting some content to help build a site. WPSocialZon is WELL beyond that – this plugin builds the content, optimizes the page, gets backlinks and social signals, and creates viral campaigns – meaning you get traffic and rankings as well!
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Ques. Does this only work for Amazon?
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Ques. Why is this so cheap?
Ans. I answered this in the main sales thread – it’s because I’m cool.
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Ques. How do I sign up for the training webinar?
Ans. When you log into the member’s area you will see the info on the webinar and get the option to sign up for it.

Ques. Is there OTOs and Do I need them?
There is 1 OTO and you do not need to have it to use the Plug-in. However
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Ques. Where do I go for support?
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Marketing Online master the persuade

We will discuss different online products solely focused on improving your ability to persuade others whether online or offline) to purchase your product/service, while offering them great value and building some form of relationship) along the way.

It is not like you can simply instruct a person to buy their product, at least initially, unless you Hypnotise them of course, but although this would be a fun and effective way to grow sales, marketing is never that easy.

It takes time to build the relationship, grow the trust, facilitate the enjoyment the buyer has as they work out the benefits of your particular product/service for themselves, not only grasping that initial sale, but hopefully deciding to purchase your future products/services that might benefit them later on.

An effective marketer needs to be able to appeal to buyers from a variety of different persuasive angles. There are 6 commonly accepted principles focused on how to persuade others, that can be applied in different scenarios. They are as follows:

1) Authority
2) Likability
3) Commitment & Consistency
4) Reciprocity
5) Social Proof
6) Scarcity

We all know how easy it is to be persuaded at times, whether by marketers, our friends and family, co-workers, etc. Since it is easy to be persuaded by other individuals, we therefore know that it is possible to influence others as well, one just needs the right tools at times.

It is about reaching that fine point where you have spent enough time and money on fine-tuning the necessary skills for success and then going out and putting those skills to use (hopefully earning far more than was originally spent when you first started).

We are all at different stages of online marketing, some already know rather well how to persuade others to try it, buy it, and keep buying it, while others still need to learn the steps along the way before seeing any financial success.


Use Craiglist for SEO

More than ever, SEO professionals need to get creative to do their jobs well. Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates put an end to the effectiveness of old, unnatural and manipulative tactics that worked well temporarily. In the wake of the recent algorithm updates, we’ve seen tactics rise in popularity like guest blogging, link reclamation, and email outreach.

But have you ever thought about using Craigslist for SEO? Craigslist is full of people who need something. The purpose of this guide is to outline some simple tactics by which you can take advantage of this fact to improve your organic search rankings.

1. Find People Looking for Blog Content Writing

In the wake of Panda and Penguin, many webmasters and small business owners have come to realize that great content is an important foundation of an effective online marketing strategy. This realization often leads them to Craigslist to look for contributors to their blog.

Use some simple searches like “writer,” “content writing,” or “blog content” to find webmasters looking for content writers. Reach out to them and offer to write for their blog in exchange for a link in your author bio. This can be a great way to build relationships, expand your reach, and establish a presence for yourself on blogs across the web.

2. Screen Job Applicants with a Clever Form of Linkbait

If you’re looking to hire for a position or even a temporary gig, have some fun with the application process.

Start by creating an interesting, yet challenging puzzle somewhere on your website that tests the endurance, intelligence, and problem-solving skills of a potential applicant. Require the puzzle to be solved before the application process can be initiated. In your Craigslist job listing, instruct potential applicants to visit the page at which your puzzle exists in order to apply.

People love puzzles, especially when they solve them. And it’s always fun to watch your friend struggle to complete a puzzle you’ve already solved.

As your applicants complete the puzzle, they’ll share it with their friends. Be sure to include share buttons on your website’s puzzle page so it can acquire social signals, which can help positively influence organic search rankings. Not only will you get some great social signals and potentially some inbound links, you’ll effectively screen your applicants for problem-solving skills.

Google did something similar to this in July 2004 with its famous billboard puzzle to attract job applicants with special mathematical talent.

3. Screen Content Writers for Essential Skills

If you’re looking to hire a content writer for your blog, there are a few essential skills they should have to be considered qualified for the job:

Basic HTML knowledge
CMS experience
Quality content writing
You can test all these skills by requiring applicants to compose a new blog post from their personal blog about why they’d make the best fit for the position. This will create buzz for your brand name, and possibly attract a few links as well. Ideally, you want to find a writer who writes well, knows how to use basic HTML to create hyperlinks and images, and knows how to work within a CMS backend.

Similarly, the popular SEO toolset Advanced Web Ranking has recognized the value of inbound links from bloggers around the Web by offering a free license for bloggers who write a review about their software.

4. Build Relationships with Influencers

While interviewing respondents for content writing positions, ask for samples of previous articles they’ve written. In many cases, you’ll find that they provide samples on well-established publishers or other authority domains.

If applicants happen to write for an industry-related publication, ask them if they’d be willing to interview you about your product or service as a story for that publisher. Most authors are more than willing to find eager interviewees for a great story with a unique angle.

5. Accept Payment in Tweets

Companies commonly hold raffles or drawings to create social buzz around their brand and products. This buzz naturally results in links, tweets, and social shares.

You can use Craigslist to generate this buzz by posting an item for sale on Craigslist, then linking to a page on your website that describes how to enter for a chance to win the item. Acceptable methods of entry can include tweeting a certain phrase, using a certain hashtag, or sharing the page on Facebook. Include social share buttons on the page to make it extra easy for people to enter the drawing.


SEOs are being forced to get creative, but that’s not a bad thing; marketers are supposed to be creative, after all. By thinking outside the box, there are many ways to use popular online hubs like Craigslist to do creative SEO.


Be Good to Yourself in a Relationship (not physical but spirit growth) :

Before I delve into my thoughts and opinions; let me start by saying that relationships should be a place of rest, acceptance, and not a place of fear. They should be our refuge. A place we reveal our true selves to one another and enjoy true intimacy that reveals our soul’s identity. So many of us have become tattered and torn from previous relationships. Imperfect parents. Imperfect past experiences. All culminating to where we are.


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 Make Home Web Site Pointers:

Setting up your own home based affiliate or network marketing website need not be a difficult operation nowadays because there are so many re-sources available such as turnkey websites, website templates, easy website creation and editing software and a whole library of how-to books and websites.

So what are the key elements that should be included on home-based business website?

1. People like to know who they are dealing with so it makes sense to create a friendly atmosphere on your website, so include a photograph of yourself, your name, and some details about your business background or speciality. If you have a story to tell about yourself and your business, then by all means set up an “About Me” page and link to it from your homepage. The brief intro you place on your homepage can either be in a sidebar somewhere “above the fold” (i.e. in the top part of the webpage that the visitor will see as soon as the page opens, without having to scroll down the screen), or you could incorporate it into the first paragraph of your web copy (see point 3, below).

Amazon Gift cards are a great idea       http://shop-hugs.com

2. Be clear about what you are offering your visitors otherwise they will quickly leave your site. You can do that by writing a clear, strong headline and placing it right at the top of your website homepage. Guide the reader into the main body of your homepage with a call to action such as “Read On For Full Details” or “Here’s How…” or something similar that will encourage the visitor to read on.

3. Write your main copy in a friendly and informative “editorial” style. Do not try to sell your visitor on your product because it won’t work. At this stage in the relationship your visitor is seeking information not a sales pitch. So avoid sales jargon, hype, technical terminology and non-communicative bureaucratic language. For example, don’t waffle on about “implementing e-commerce solutions provision for online enterprises…” Instead, say something like “my company designs and builds website stores so that small business owners can sell their goods on the Internet”.

4. Turn every feature of your business into a benefit for your potential clients. Again, you don’t need to hype this up, simply offer the benefits as part of an editorial style review or overview of your business products or services.

5. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point, and don’t be afraid to use a lot of white space.

6. Add a couple of photos or screenshots of your product or service in action if at all possible. The Internet is essentially a visual medium so photographs always add strength to website editorial.

7. Conclude your editorial with a clear call to action. Tell your visitors how they can get more information by filling in a simple form with their name and e-mail address.

8. You will need some form of auto responder service so that you can collect the names and addresses of the people who fill in the form, and build a business relationship with them via an e-mail newsletter. As well is placing this form at the end of your editorial, it is also a good idea to have a signup form somewhere above the fold. Encourage people to sign up by offering a free report related to your business niche.

9. You might want to strengthen your message by posting a video on your homepage. Video offers a good opportunity for website owners to present themselves as friendly and helpful experts in their field and nowadays it is not difficult for anybody to make an upload a video. Also, videos can easily be imported to your website from YouTube or an equivalent video sharing site simply by copying a snippet of HTML code and inserting it into your web page.

10. Last, but not least, provide your visitors with a way to contact you if they have any questions or comments to make. The more open you are to dialogue with your visitors, the more likely it is that you will get their business. If you don’t want to post your e-mail address on your website, you can easily set up a web form. If you’re web hosting service does not provide Web forms, you can use a free service such as Bravenet.com

Above all, give your website a clear purpose, and make it easy for the visitor to navigate and use a font style and size that is easy to read. Don’t add too much clutter and definitely leave out high-tech Flash introductions or anything else which will slow down the visitors access to your main message. A home-based business website that includes all of these features will be streets ahead of about 90% of the opposition – an important consideration in a highly competitive and potentially rewarding market such as the Internet.


 Make Conversions Easy

If you make your visitors to take a multitude of steps in order make a conversion, then it is more likely that your customers will get discouraged. While this may not be a problem if you are using pay per click advertising for list-building purposes, it is often a killer in regards to making a sale. One of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rate (even when list-building) is to only collect the information that is absolutely necessary. Studies have shown that the best converting pages require customers to only enter an email address. While it is nice to get someone name, address, phone number, etc it really isn’t critical information to have. If it is necessary, consider obtaining this information after you have already secured their email address.


Focus Your Landing Page

Once you decide what the goal of your landing page is, make sure that you do not distract viewers from it. Many people choose to simply use a page from their website as their landing page. Unfortunately, these pages often contain a jumble of additional ads, unrelated content, and links to other web pages All of these things can either distract or overwhelm visitors, both of which lead to the customer leaving. It is essential to keep your landing pages as simple and succinct as possible to optimize your pay per click advertising efforts.


.Include Critical Information in Your Ad Copy

Everyone knows that pay per click advertising is advantageous because it can drive highly targeted traffic to your landing page. However, many people may still click on your ad that are not part of your target audience. This is because your ad copy does not include the right information. For example, if you are selling a product that is similar or the same as your competitors, then the price is important to include in your ad copy. Many customers base their purchasing decision on price and if your product is out of their price range, there is no reason for them to click on your ad. By including the price in your ad, you can automatically filter out people who would not purchase your product anyways.

Pay per click advertising can be one of the most profitable and lucrative online advertising methods available. However, if steps are not taken to optimize every step of the sales process, money and opportunities will be lost and expenses will climb. The more you can do to ensure that you target is highly optimized and that you landing page has the ability to create a maximum conversion rate, the more successful your pay per click advertising ventures will be.




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Making the Internet
Alexa could not exist without the participation of the Alexa Toolbar community. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, gives back. By using the Firefox, Chrome and IE toolbars, every member contributes valuable information about the web, how it’s used, what’s important and what isn’t. Alexa returns this information to the community as Traffic Ranks, Related Links, and more.

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